The best phones in the world for the year 2024 – Bestiphone

Smartphones are the most personal devices we own, keeping us connected at all times and acting as the heart of our tech lives.

We may not spend much time actually speaking on them these days, but we use a phone for virtually everything else.

Smartphones today typically fall into one of two categories:

iPhone or Android. iPhones are the most popular smartphones overall and offer entry into the much coveted Apple exosystem,

where they can be paired with Apple Watches, iPads, and MacBooks for greater inter-device connectivity.

Android phones, meanwhile, are more numerous combined and often offer higher specs than

iPhones on measures such as charging speed and camera quality,

while offering integration with a wider variety of devices including Chromebooks and Windows laptops. They also tend to be cheaper.

Our industry-leading phones coverage serves up news, reviews, features and tutorials covering all kinds of devices,

from the best smartphones overall to more budget offerings and all points in-between.

These phones have left Apple a little behind, so we’d like to see the company catch up this year.

And there’s reason to think it will, with leaks suggesting Siri could be getting an AI upgrade,

while iOS 18 might include various on-device AI skills, and maybe even an AI App Store.

So hopefully this will mean there’s a whole suite of helpful AI features available on the iPhone 16 at launch.

By mohmed